This is the Truth about God

“Do not be afraid, for I am your shield, your very great reward.”

(Genesis 1:15)

Many misunderstand what God is. God is not a man in another dimension or some hidden genie waiting to grant wishes.

Too often, we imagine God to be like us, and we tend to box God into a design of our own limited understanding.

Jesus himself said that God is spirit, and his closest disciples — those who knew him in person — taught that God is love.

Today, because we rely so much on our own understanding, we believe those teachings to be casual metaphors. However, if we want to know God — the real God — we must understand those teachings are quite literal.

God is something infinite — all-present, all-aware, and beyond physical limitation or material knowledge.

To know God, we must first accept that we can never know God, at least not in ways we normally think of knowledge.

God is something that can only be sensed, felt, and experienced — not captured, measured, and figured out.

Just as we may “know” a person by their name and physical attributes, we cannot understand or form a true connection with them, until we let go of our conceptions of them and accept them for who and what they are. Then we begin to love them, and that is where real relationship begins.

Once we ease into that same type of understanding with God, that is when we can begin to experience the God-creator of the universe and live in God’s presence. We can begin to love God for what God is, rather than what we expect or want God to be.

That is where we begin to realize God is our shield and great reward.

Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels

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