Make Peace

“Having disarmed the powers and authorities, Jesus made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”

(Colossians 2:15)

Often we forget that Jesus conquered the rulers of his day. His death on the cross was not a failure but a victory!

While worldly people may look at his crucifixion as being defeated, it was that very event which sparked a revolution still burning to this day. While worldly men sought to destroy Jesus and his message, for confronting them and calling them out in their sins, God took their evil intent and turned it around to amplify the message across the globe. Countless millions of lives have been transformed by his message of peace, faith, forgiveness and hope — through the cross.

Sometimes people think of Jesus as if he were timid and weak, because of his teachings about love and compassion. However, it’s important to remember he said he did not come to make peace with the world but to bring a sword against the selfish, sinful, hateful and materialistic world.

He came to conquer it, and to show us the way to do the same. When we follow Jesus and live in the light of Christ, it exposes and illuminates the sinful nature in people around us. Many times that makes those people upset, and they begin to see us as enemies.

Living a life of love like Jesus requires immense strength. Anyone can be self-serving and shallow, and so many do, traveling the wide road to self-destruction. To live in a world full of evil yet remain pure and righteous is the narrow path, which takes true courage.

Just like God transformed the crucifixion into immeasurable good, when we seek God and pursue God’s will in our lives, the trials and tribulations we face are transformed by the miracle-working power of the Creator of the universe into an everlasting good.

God’s ways are always better than ours.

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