Living Water

“As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for you, God.”

(Psalm 42:1)

When we begin to seek God as naturally and purposefully as the deer seeks water, our lives are transformed.

Just like a deer thirsting for drink, there is only one thing that can satisfy the longing deep inside our souls — that is the love of God. It’s been said we have a God-shaped hole in our hearts, which only the love of God can fill.

Money will not suffice. Relationships will not quench it. Material things will never be enough. The one, single thing that can and will meet the need in each of us for lasting peace and purpose is the love that only comes from connection and unity with God.

We find that connection and unity by seeking God with our whole being, and by sticking with others who are doing the same. We find it through prayer and meditation, through studying God’s word, and by remaining conscious of God’s presence in our lives, through humility and gratitude.

Like Jesus told the woman at the well, those who drink water in its worldly form will thirst again. However, if we drink the “living water” that he taught, which is to live with God, we will never thirst again.

But beware! The same way wild beasts stalk the deer as prey, especially as the deer stops to drink, there are people and forces that know humans have a spiritual thirst. They lay in wait, ready to capitalize on that need in us — to sell us things, to lead us astray and to take advantage of us.

The closer we get to God and begin to feel the peace and rest God brings to our lives, we can become complacent and even more vulnerable to the material world. We must remain alert to those people and things that would draw us away. We are to guard our hearts, and our peace with God, above all else.

Nothing else can satisfy. It is the salvation we all seek.

Photo by Sam Forson from Pexels

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