Deeper Meaning

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

(Genesis 1:1)

Tremendous wisdom is packed into these ten words, but it can breeze by without notice, if we’re not careful.

It’s easy to just accept it as doctrine and move on, but in so doing we’ll miss the deeper meaning.

This seemingly simple verse simultaneously proposes and answers life’s basic questions: “Where did we come from,” and, “Why are we here?”

It prompts yet more questions, which science — despite all its progress and accomplishment — will likely never resolve.

What was the beginning? When was that? Was there nothing, and then… *BOOM!!!* …stuff? If so, what caused the bang? What exploded? Where did that originate? Has it always existed? If so, is there a beginning? Will there be an ending?

The answer to these questions is: we really don’t know. The world’s brightest human minds, no matter how complex their underlying theories, do not have true answers — only educated guesses.

However, this forces an undeniable truth — something much greater than we understand is at work. Many call that: “God.”

Then what is God? Where is God? This is the quandary where all humanity — the whole of the universe — finds itself.

Yet, the answers seem to lie within the questions themselves.

Maybe life really is created, for the purpose of seeking God. Perhaps we are just creation as a whole looking in on itself.

If that’s the case, “Love one another,” makes quite a lot of sense.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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